Current Board

The Moot Court Board can be reached at

2017-2018 Moot Court Board

Executive Board:

President: Taylor Cooper
Vice President of Internal Competitions: Rebecca Indest
Vice President of External Competitions: Markeya Scott
Vice President of Judicial Relations: Meredith Hamblen
Administrative Vice President: Shelby Dunbar

Board Members:

  • Coleman, Ronald
  • Cooper, Taylor
  • Depew, Alyssa
  • Dunbar, Shelby
  • Finley, Jessica
  • Garand, Carson
  • Hamblen, Meredith
  • Herbert, Katherine
  • Indest, Rebecca
  • Irving, Jacob
  • Kuebel, Sara
  • Lawrence, Seth
  • Martin, Charles
  • McBride, Rebecca
  • Nickel, Sarah
  • Prudhomme, Christopher
  • Scott, Markeya
  • Serigne, Josie
  • Stovall, Stephen
  • Viator, Margaret
  • Wegmann, John