Board Applications

Applications for membership on the 2017-2018 Trial Advocacy Board are now available, and will be due no later than February 13, 2017 at 5:00 pm to Professor Brooks in Room W155.   The 2017-2018 Trial Advocacy Board will be announced at the Final Round of the Spring 2017 Flory Trial Competition.

Article IX of the Trial Advocacy Board Bylaws, which governs the Board Selection Process, is reproduced below:


  1.     It is the responsibility of the current Board to choose the members of the Board for the following year. Applicants to the Board are second year students who have participated in at least one Flory or Transactional competition as an attorney and have requested to be considered for selection to the Board.
  2.     The number of board members shall be determined by the needs of the advocacy program.
  3.     In the spring semester, the faculty advisor to the Board shall rank the Applicants from Fall and Spring competitions according to the following system:
  4. Trial Score: The Applicant’s highest average score from the Flory or Transactional competition preliminary rounds is used. The scoring system shall be out of fifty (50) points.
  5. Participation Points: In order to ensure that the members of the Board have demonstrated a commitment to the Board and its purpose, a point shall be added to the Trial Score according to the following procedure:
  6. Intra-school Trial Participation: One point shall be added for each instance in which the Applicant participated as a witness in an intra-school competition.
  7. Inter-school Trial Participation: Five points shall be added if the Applicant participated in any inter-school trial advocacy competition team.  No more than ten (10) points shall be added for this section.
  8. Volunteering: One point shall be added for each Board event the Applicant has assisted the Board in hosting (e.g., bailiff in Board-hosted inter-school competition, timekeeper for Flory Trials) or otherwise participated in trial advocacy-related events (e.g.; coached a high school mock trial team).
  9. It is the applicant’s responsibility to report all participation points.