Current Board

The Trial Advocacy Board can be reached by emailing

2017-2018 Trial Advocacy Board

Executive Board:

President: Jonathan Cobb
Vice President of Internal Competitions: Leslie Knowles
Vice President of External Competitions: David Hanks
Secretary: Catherine Zeringue

Board Members:

  • Abrams, Erin
  • Barze, Brandi
  • Chappell, Rachel
  • Cobb, Jonathan
  • Coleman, Ronald
  • Daray, Shawn
  • Degruise, Taylor
  • Donze, Caroline
  • Ducoing, Erica
  • Hanks, David
  • Hebert, Mason
  • Hogan, David
  • Knowles, Leslie
  • Lott, Payton
  • Prudhomme, Chris
  • Soussi, Ahmed
  • Zeringue, Catherine